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Smarter Media Group Unveils Transformation to Smarter Capital

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Smarter Media Group Unveils Transformation to Smarter Capital, Marking a Pivotal Milestone in the Business' Evolution

Smarter Media Group proudly announces its strategic rebranding as Smarter Capital, positioning the company for accelerated growth and expanding its influence in the digital era.

Smarter Capital

This rebranding comes on the heels of a transformative year for the company, during which Smarter Capital successfully invested into eight businesses across various verticals, including Digital Marketing, E-commerce, IT, and Export.

The investments reflect the company's commitment to diversification and the pursuit of excellence in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

The decision to transition from Smarter Media Group to Smarter Capital is a testament to the company's evolving strategy as it looks to expand into diverse sectors. The rebranding not only reflects the current position of the business but also signals an openness to future verticals that may be explored.

Smarter Capital's rebranding aligns seamlessly with its strategic approach to deploying capital for exponential growth through acquisitions. The company is poised to capitalise on a dynamic market, leveraging its Smarter approach to identify and pursue compelling opportunities across various sectors.

Smarter Capital

Smarter Media Group will now become the name of the digital marketing vertical within Smarter Capital. The vertical already has four marketing agencies, each specialising in a core discipline, SEO, PPC, Meta and Design & Development.

The Group is on track to start next year strong with the addition of Email Marketing and CRM Management, whilst also planning to add further core capabilities through acquisition as the year evolves.

As Smarter Capital looks forward to 2024, the company boasts a robust pipeline of acquisition opportunities, with several transactions at advanced stages of discussion and processing. The rebranding underscores the company's readiness to navigate new horizons and reinforces its commitment to innovation and excellence.

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Smarter Capital is a leading acquisition company specialising in providing innovative solutions to help businesses thrive in the digital era. Focused on digital marketing, design, development, E-commerce, IT, wholesale, and distribution businesses, Smarter Capital is dedicated to delivering exceptional results and superior customer service.

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