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A rapidly growing group of businesses in the technology sector. Growing through acquisition, the group helps founders to maximise their return by increasing growth & profitability, and exit.

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The Smarter Story

Smarter Capital

Founders Helping Founders

After many years of collectively managing separate businesses in the Technology sector, founders Karl, Mark, Pete & Martin realised there was a greater opportunity to collaborate and grow a group of great businesses through acquisition. At the same time, to help other founders who wish to maximise their return and take them on a journey of increased success and then exit.

Smarter Media Group was formed, subsequently changing name to Smarter Capital. The 'Top Co.', our vehicle for driving growth by acquiring or partnering with great SMEs in the Digital Marketing, Design and Development, E-commerce, B2B Distribution and Support Services sectors.

Working Smarter, not Harder

As a growing team and group we have honed our process to enable growth in a way that inspires others to want to join us, share in our success and ultimately achieve a result far beyond what individual businesses would likely be able to achieve alone.

Vision Statement

Vision Statement

Our company is committed to driving growth through strategic acquisitions and the further development and growth of our existing businesses.

We strive to increase shareholder value and establish ourselves as a reputable and ambitious brand that operates with integrity and fairness.

An Ethical Journey

Additionally, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on our community through charitable initiatives.

We're here to help you grow, deliver and achieve the kind of results that are life changing for you, your teams and your families.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Working Collaboratively

As a company, we are dedicated to working collaboratively with sellers to reach mutually beneficial outcomes. Our goal is to strategically acquire businesses that will contribute to our overall growth.

We will also actively partner with key stakeholders to foster organic expansion of our existing companies. Our approach is ambitious and enterprising, with the aim of achieving success beyond our perceived capabilities.

Providing Support

Running a business can be a lonely existence, working with and being supported by the Group's Board can make that journey more exciting, more enjoyable and more prosperous.

Additionally, we believe in giving back to our community and will strive to support those in need.

Our People

People and teamwork

At Smarter Capital, we firmly believe in the principle of success through shared prosperity.

To this end, we actively seek to acquire stakes in relevant businesses that fit our criteria, and collaborate closely with their founders to help them optimise their equity.

Investing in People

Additionally, we recognise the importance of investing in our team members throughout the group by offering above-average compensation and an extensive benefits package, including the opportunity for profit-sharing.

Our People Plan extends to all roles within our organisation, providing incentives and opportunities for all employees to share in our success.

Do you want to grow & exit your business?

We are looking to acquire profitable businesses in the Digital Marketing, E-commerce, B2B Distribution, Technology and IT Services & Support sectors, which have growth potential.

If you are an owner of a business that fits our criteria and you are looking to maximise the value of your exit in the next few years, we would love to start a conversation.

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