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Are you a business owner or founder, with a desire to grow your business and realise greater value? We work with people just like you, supporting your ambitions on your journey through acquisition, earn out and a profitable exit.

Benefits of Joining

Benefits of Joining Our Group

Sell your Business

A Route to Exit

As a business owner, there may be various reasons for considering the sale of a portion, majority, or all of your business.

These reasons could include a desire for growth and expansion, the need for support from a seasoned and ambitious board, or a desire to start or acquire other businesses.

Support & Collaboration

Some business owners may be feeling burnt out and in need of assistance. Our approach of assisting individuals in achieving their goals and simplifying the process means that regardless of your motivations, we can most likely assist you.

Target Businesses

Target Businesses

We are particularly interested in working with business owners who operate within our target verticals, have revenues between £500k and £10m, and are looking to maximise their exit within the next three to four years.

We strive to not only help these business owners grow their business but also significantly increase the multiple at which they sell their business in the future.

Freeing You to Do What you Love

Additionally, we offer support throughout the journey, whether that be freeing up your time, or assisting with the aspects of the business that you find least enjoyable or valuable.

If you are considering this type of opportunity, we encourage you to schedule an informal call with us to discuss your current situation, as well as potential future possibilities.

How it Works


Our Vision

Our group is dedicated to achieving a target of £3m in earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) across each of our primary business verticals: Digital Marketing, E-commerce, B2B Distribution and IT Support Services.

Once these targets are met, we may choose to spin off these successful divisions through an exit strategy, thereby increasing the shareholder value for our founder-shareholders and enabling them to maximise their return.

Alternatively, we may opt to continue growing these divisions further or consider a public listing on the equity markets.

Maximising Value

By acquiring businesses at a fair value of 2-4 times their EBIT, and then exiting them at a multiple of 8 or higher, we are able to provide a wealth-generating opportunity for our founder-shareholders who join us on this journey.

Wealth Creation

We are able to provide a true wealth-generating opportunity for our joining shareholders. This includes receiving dividends, releasing some equity when they join the group, and ultimately benefiting from a second exit at a higher multiple.

Next Steps

If you are considering the sale of a portion or all of your business, we would be happy to discuss potential solutions with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Do you want to grow & exit your business?

We are looking to acquire profitable businesses in the Digital Marketing, E-commerce, B2B Distribution, Technology and IT Services & Support sectors, which have growth potential.

If you are an owner of a business that fits our criteria and you are looking to maximise the value of your exit in the next few years, we would love to start a conversation.

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