We maximise shareholder value through smart acquisitions and fuelling growth in digital marketing, e-commerce, B2B distribution and IT verticals.Karl Paul – Chairman

We grow Businesses

We Grow Businesses!

Welcome to Smarter Capital. We're Founder managed and focused on driving rapid business growth, as well as assisting founder-owners in realising their exit strategies.

We specialise in partnering with owner-managed businesses in the digital marketing, website design and development, e-commerce, B2B Distribution and IT support services sectors, with revenues between £500,000 and £10,000,000.

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How we add value to businesses

How We Add Value

Our goal is to acquire a stake in your business, that could be a minority, majority or full equity! We then work with the Founder or the team to increase Shareholder value and achieve a greater future exit value than they would otherwise be able to on their own.

We achieve this on the basis that as a Group we're stronger and more valuable together, than each business would be in isolation.

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Our Expert Team

Our Expert Team

The experienced team at Smarter Capital work with Leaders in each Vertical to establish and implement strategies for profitable growth, while staying true to the Founder's vision, ethos, and brand values.

Our Board is comprised of Senior Leaders with backgrounds in Finance, Technology & E-commerce, Distribution and Business who have grown their own businesses, and understand how to realise value for Founders.

Our Team

Latest Additions to Portfolio

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Do you want to grow & exit your business?

We are looking to acquire profitable businesses in the Digital Marketing, E-commerce, B2B Distribution, Technology and IT Services & Support sectors, which have growth potential.

If you are an owner of a business that fits our criteria and you are looking to maximise the value of your exit in the next few years, we would love to start a conversation.

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