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Smarter Capital Acquires Curtains Made For Free

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Smarter Capital Expands its Portfolio with Acquisition of Curtains Made For Free!

Smarter Capital, a leader in strategic investments and growth initiatives, is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of a majority stake in Curtains Made For Free, a prominent manufacturer and E-commerce supplier of curtains and blinds, headquartered in Newcastle.

Curtains Made for Free

The acquisition marks another strategic step forward in Smarter Capital's ongoing commitment to expansion and diversification.

Founded in 2012, Curtains Made For Free has garnered acclaim for its straightforward approach to business, epitomised by its simple yet effective model - 'you pay for the fabric, and we make the curtains, for free!' This innovative concept has propelled the company forward, establishing a loyal customer base and a strong market presence.

Discussions between Smarter Capital and Curtains Made For Free's Founder and Managing Director, Kay Gould, commenced in September 2023. It became evident early on that the challenges facing the company aligned perfectly with Smarter Capital's expertise and capabilities.

From professional digital marketing strategies to meticulous E-commerce direction, business strategy development, financial management, and more, Smarter Capital's diverse portfolio of capabilities stood poised to propel Curtains Made For Free to new heights of success.

Kay Gould, Founder and Managing Director of Curtains Made For Free, expressed her confidence in the collaboration, stating:

Kay Gould

'From the initial conversation to the day we completed, the whole sale process was refreshingly easy, it was clear from early in the process that Smarter Capital not only had the experienced team I wanted to work with but the drive and determination to grow my business to its full potential.'

'Whilst we are only in the early stages of our longer-term plan, I can see the positive impact Smarter Capital have had, are having and will have in the future'.

Recognising the tremendous growth potential and the alignment of values between the two entities, Kay's decision to sell a majority stake in her beloved business was solidified by the promising future envisioned alongside Smarter Capital.

Peter Howarth, Chief Technology Officer at Smarter Capital, summarised some of the workstreams undertaken since the acquisition:

Peter Howarth

'Since acquiring the business, the team moved quickly to implement a BI (Business Intelligence) solution, both to gain key insights from data, and to monitor and measure performance.'

'Marketing channels and activities were reviewed; the business had run some limited Google Ads previously but was not running any paid search activity currently.'

'PPC Specialist Mike Walker, from Smarter Capital owned OutSearch, was engaged to build a new Google Ads campaign.'

'An email CRM strategy was also deployed, and the first phase of marketing automations were launched. A full SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) audit was undertaken, with documented technical SEO changes briefed into the Developers to action.'

'A survey was built and sent to customers, with the goal of gaining a deeper understanding of the brand and to help inform on-site changes to hone tone of voice, messaging, and calls to action.'

'Product imagery was identified as a weakness, and creative agency Dexterous Designs, also within the Smarter Capital group of companies, were engaged to create photo-realistic image renders.'

'In the first couple of months of our implementation, overall revenue has increased by 17% vs the 12-month rolling average, and new customer acquisition has increased sharply since introducing marketing activities.'

This sentiment was echoed by Mark Callaghan, Group Chief Executive Officer at Smarter Capital, who highlighted the vast growth opportunities ahead:

Mark Callaghan

'We are thrilled to welcome Kay and the Curtains Made For Free team to Smarter Capital and very much look forward to working with them on what will be a very exciting growth journey.'

'Kay has done a fantastic job getting the business to where it is today, the quality of the curtains and blinds manufactured at their Newcastle facility is second to none. Pairing this exceptional high-quality product with our expert on-line growth teams, proven strategies, and entrepreneurial thinking, is what we look for when acquiring E-Commerce businesses'.

Recent market projections by Statista reveal a promising outlook for the Curtains and Blinds industry in the UK, with an estimated market size of £1.27 billion GBP, in 2024. Anticipated annual growth of 2.88% from 2024 to 2028 positions Curtains Made For Free for sustained success, further bolstered by the strategic collaboration with Smarter Capital.

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