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More Than Just Capital, Unlock Your E-commerce Potential With Serious Value Adds!

Picture this: your business, not just thriving, but flourishing in ways you hadn't imagined. That's the promise Smarter Capital brings to the table. We are more than just an acquisition company; we're your growth partners, your catalysts for success in the competitive world of E-commerce.

Smart Money

Our mission is clear: we seek out businesses poised for exponential growth. Whether you're a visionary owner ready to embark on a new journey or have a stellar management team waiting in the wings, we're here to elevate your business to its fullest potential!

Our strategy? It's all about organic growth and strategic acquisitions. We don't just acquire businesses; we curate a group of complementary ventures, creating a powerhouse poised for a lucrative exit to Private Equity or a substantial Trade Buyer.

This enables the current owner to maximise their overall return by achieving a partial exit now, and an even higher multiple on their second exit. This also solves the “people” challenge that Smarter Capital would otherwise face in external recruiting.

Smart Money | How We Add Value

That's just the beginning! Here's a taste of the top-level value adds that the Smarter Capital team brings to the table:

  • Talent Acquisition: Access to top-tier talent.
  • Financial Engineering: Optimise your financial strategies.
  • Global Growth Experience: Expand your reach across borders.
  • Group C-level Board Support: Expert guidance at a high level.
  • HR and Administration Duties: Streamlined operations for efficiency.
  • Marketing Mastery: Tap into our expert marketing teams.
  • Export Opportunities: Explore new markets and avenues.
  • E-commerce Director Access: Direct guidance from industry leaders.
  • Management Efficiency: Streamline your operations for success.
  • Vertical Leaders Support: Personalised support from our experts.
  • Tax and Margin Optimisation: Unlock hidden margins through smart structures.
  • Digital Marketing Strategies: B2B and D2C insights for organic growth.
  • Cross-Selling Power: Leverage synergy within our group of businesses.
  • Financial Management: Expert accounting at your fingertips.
  • Operational Excellence: Build a team ready for scaled operations.
  • Acquisition Strategies: Explore growth through mergers and acquisitions.
  • Sales Team Success: Craft a winning team, fostering a culture of success.

Each business is unique, and we tailor our approach and activities depending on what is required.

Your Partner For Growth

Running a business can be a lonely road, but with Smarter Capital, you're never alone. Our extended team and seasoned Board are here to support you every step of the way.

Having this extended team and experienced Board is a major attraction to the businesses that we speak with, and those that have already joined the journey for growth and a higher exit! There’s even more!

Rex Brown is strategic investor of Smarter Capital and stands as the UK's leading marketplace fulfilment partner (Amazon UK, EU, eBay, TikTok), a resource typically reserved for large corporations. Through Smarter Capital, acquired E-commerce businesses gain a significant competitive edge.

Are you eager to explore how we can join forces and catapult your business to unprecedented heights? Let's have an informal chat about the endless possibilities that await. Enquire today and let's kickstart your journey towards unmatched success!

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Do you want to grow & exit your business?

We are looking to acquire profitable businesses in the Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Technology, Software Development and IT Services & Support sectors, which have growth potential.

If you are an owner of a business that fits our criteria and you are looking to maximise the value of your exit in the next few years, we would love to start a conversation.

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