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Marketplace Expert Rex Brown Joins Forces With Smarter Capital

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Capability Boosted With UK & Europe's Premier Strategic Marketplace Selling Partner

In a strategic move to turbocharge its growth journey, Smarter Capital sought external collaboration in late 2023. This decision aimed to not only inject additional capital for acquisitions but also to find the right partners to align with its ambitious expansion plans.

Rex Brown Ltd

The Executive Team at Smarter Capital understood the immense value that collaborative partnerships could bring.

Committed to operating in a #SmarterWay, the focus was on seeking 'smart' money - funds to expedite acquisitive growth, and further capabilities to drive organic growth for acquired businesses.

This quest led to the alliance with Ash Kandhari of Rex Brown Ltd.

Rex Brown stands out as the UK's & Europe's premier strategic selling partner, offering a full best-in-class end-to-end service.

Trusted by leading household brands, SMEs, digital transformation teams, and emerging challenger brands, Rex Brown delivers tailor-made services that drive sales, raise awareness, boost revenue, and expand market share across diverse digital markets - all while safeguarding brand integrity.

This collaboration signifies a crucial juncture for Smarter Capital, greatly enhancing the group's capabilities to facilitate hyper-growth opportunities for its acquired E-commerce businesses. This is made possible through Rex Brown's industry leading expertise in Amazon, eBay, and other Marketplaces across the UK and into Europe.

Additionally, it grants access to their TikTok solution, which stands as the UK's largest partner for TikTok, providing access to their 14,000+ Influencers and array of marketing services.

At the core of Smarter Capital's acquisition strategy are well-established UK E-commerce brands generating £2 million+ in revenue and £500k+ in EBIT. The approach involves acquiring a majority stake, partnering with current owners on their growth journey, and enhancing their offering, marketing, and operations.

Leveraging in-house E-commerce marketing expertise, the goal is to reduce costs, unlock new opportunities, including access to Rex Brown's Marketplace solution, a privilege typically reserved for global corporations, and facilitate export ventures through Smarter Capital's seasoned Export Team.

The overarching objective remains steadfast: achieving robust growth and increased profitability.

Martin Hargreaves, Chief Financial Officer at Smarter Capital, expressed enthusiasm about the new partnership, stating:

Martin Hargreaves

'We are thrilled to announce the strategic alliance between Smarter Capital and Rex Brown Ltd.'.

'By combining Smarter Capital's proven direct-to-consumer growth strategies, export capabilities, and digital marketing expertise, with Rex Brown's World-class Marketplace management capabilities across UK, Europe, and India, we are unlocking unparalleled potential for our acquisitions and brands, granting access to millions more customers.'.

Mark Callaghan, Smarter Capital's Group Chief Executive Officer, added:

Mark Callaghan

'This alliance is a game-changer for E-commerce brands seeking to elevate their businesses to unprecedented levels.'.

'The collective expertise of our teams, coupled with our IP and fulfilment capabilities, presents an exhilarating opportunity for founders and business owners aiming for the next phase of growth.'.

Discussing his collaboration with Smarter Capital, Ash Kandhari remarked:

Ash Kandhari

'I firmly believe in the strategic value of this partnership.'.

'Smarter Capital's model allows us to offer challenger brands access to Rex Brown's top-tier E-commerce infrastructure, a system trusted by industry giants such as Unilever, L'Oreal, P&G, and Nestle.'.

'The remarkable growth demonstrated by the Smarter Capital team makes this an incredibly exciting opportunity for both Rex Brown and myself.'.

About Smarter Capital

Despite being in its inaugural year, Smarter Capital boasts a team with a wealth of experience, setting the stage for success. On track to achieve £15 million in revenue and £2 million in EBIT within the first year, the company has already completed three acquisitions in March 2024 alone, setting a pace that reflects its operational ethos

Smarter Capital remains committed to its mission of providing innovative solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the digital era. With a focus on E-commerce, IT, wholesale, and distribution sectors, Smarter Capital continues to set the standard for exceptional results and superior customer service.

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