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Dexterous Designs joins Smarter Capital

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Taunton-based Dexterous Designs, a Website and E-Commerce Design company, as well as Print and Digital Marketing Agency, has joined Smarter Capital.

Dexterous Designs, have been based in Taunton since their establishment in 2012, and in East Reach since 2013. The company provide a range of services to help companies develop their online presence, grow their business, and communicate effectively with clients.

Karl Paul and Marc Eggleton

Despite being a small company of just five specialist staff, they have successfully attracted clients from across the Southwest and now have over 90 small and large businesses active in their growing portfolio. Each business is widely spread in many different sectors, some of which include online retailers, restaurants, trades, accountants, solicitors, architects, housing developers, car rental services, and many more.

Marc Eggleton, who is the Founder and Managing Director of Dexterous' said:

'We didn't need to change; we are growing nicely and receiving good feedback from the people we work for. We were not looking to do anything radically different and were certainly not under any pressure to do so. But this was a great opportunity to join with an established successful group and expand the work we do and increase the services we can offer.'

The Same, but Better!

Dexterous Designs

People who use Dexterous Designs will not notice the difference with Dexterous joining the group, they will still work with the same people, pay the same account, and have the same relationships with the company. But the resources and backup expertise of Smarter Capital mean that there will be a greater support network and more options to allow Dexterous Designs to do what they do best.

Over time, Dexterous will be able to offer new services to clients, such as more strategic Search Engine Optimisation and larger Paid Media marketing campaigns. In addition, there will be a wider team of digital strategist specialists to help clients and add value to their businesses.

Smarter Capital, which is based in Swindon and Bristol, have an extensive portfolio of companies providing high-quality services to a wide variety of clients across the UK. Companies within the group offer SEO, Content, PPC, Paid Media campaigns and now Web Design & Development, as well as print!

The growing team have a variety of experience and capabilities across the group, to help deliver for clients with small budgets, as well as those looking to spend up to hundreds of thousands per month in campaign and ad spend.

Marc said:

'This was a great chance to be part of the Smarter Capital family and collaborate with similar companies who want to do the same as us. It means we can carry on growing without losing the personal touch that we have. And we will be able to streamline the business to ensure we still offer great value even when costs are going up'.

Dexterous Designs

The new collaboration will also mean that staff will have increased access to training and enhanced career opportunities, and Dexterous Designs will be able to recommend partner companies to clients when applicable. And by being further down in the Southwest, Dexterous Designs will lead the way in finding new opportunities, increasing the reach of the Smarter Capital.

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